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Sold WTS: EU: 2 twinkz 60lvl WTS: EU: 2x 85. DK +...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'WoW - US Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Buy WoW Characters, 6/7/13.

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    WTS: EU: 2 twinkz 60lvl WTS: EU: 2x 85. DK + Warrior for PvP and PvE. 8k gold + mounts "Ravenholdt server. 85 Frost DK(OP in pvp). Partly Vicious Glad. A lot of honor and justice points itemLVL 354 8k gold. Mechano Hog + Baradin hold drake. + Other mounts Blacksmithing 525 + Jewelcrafting 525. Most of the Cata recipes. A lot of materials. 85 Arms Warrior. Bloodthirsty Glad. around 4k honour points. itemLVL 332 Mining 525 + Skinning 525. Good farmer. Some other low lvl chars. Account on 7 days sub now. 5 BoAs items. Together +35% experience bonus. I'm first and original owner of the account. All data will be given. Can be paid by Paypal. PM me for more info(armory links and screens) and your offers." WTS: EU: 2x 85/1x81/1x80 Many Alts(Europe Account) Original Owner + StarCraft 2 WoL "Battle.net Account with : World of Wacrarft Account (5x 85 Geared and Many Alt's) StarCraft 2 Wings of Libery Bonus Original Owner Got Full Details. Rogue LvL 85 Warrior LvL 85 Warrior is 5/5 Vicious 3920 Ressilience Weapon Vicious All Rest of Items Vicious 365iLvL 4000 Honor 3280 Conquest Points Pve Gear : Hands Tier 11 Rest of Gear is Full Epics from Crafts , Raids , Trash 362iLvL 172Hp Titles : Assistant Professor Champion of the Frozen Wastes The Kingslayer Jenkings The Patient The Explorer Of the NightFall 25 Exalted Rep Factions 6 Epics Tabards 70 Companions Pets More then 50 Mounts Epic Fly 310% Speed 11k Gold 1820 Valor Points 4000 Justice Points Bs 525 Skill Mining 525 Skill Arheology 525 Skill First Aid 525 Skill Others , Fishing and Coking are 300+ Fossilized Raptor Drake of the West Wind Fly Red Drake etc All Alliance Mounts etc Many More. Rogue Are Not Really Geared But Have Many Things. Alt's Mage LvL 81 Warlock LvL 80 Rogue LvL 70 Twink (IMBA) Priest LvL 70 Twink (IMBA) Hunter LvL 75 Shaman LvL 65 Dk LvL 60 Drood LvL 40 Paladin LvL 61 Account Coming with Original Keys , Photo ID , Secret Question + Answer , Login and Password Dont got Any Suspend , Bann or Anything Account is Payd 8 Months and 20 Days from Now . We Can Meet in Game See it I Can Make ScreenShots to See it . Caracters Are Really Good Geared and Mix Europe Servers Transfers Avaible to All and Change Names Many Titles , Mounts , Gold , Achivments . Price 180 Starting Bid 220 Buyout Price Contact and Details at deleted Thank You." WTS: EU: 2x Accounts, 7x lvl 85, i can sell seperatly or whole accounts, whatever you prefer. "( Ask away @ gervinpim@gmail ) Hello everyone, Im a WoW player since 6 years, but i need money for my study. So thats why im selling my WoW account, I also sell per character, so you can buy 1 character or more. This is what i have Account 1: Level 85 Warrior Orc Male: ilvl:390 full pvp geared, newest season weapon 7100 achievement points Engineering level: 525s Jewelcrafting level: 525 Money: 50k 77 Pets 68 Mounts 310% Flying skill Got the netherwing drake and the passenger mount rocket. Alot of oldschool gear wich you can transform into Almost all the heirlooms. Level 85 Shaman Orc Male: ilvl:372 full pvp geared, ruthless 3010 achievement points Money: 3k Engineering level: 407 Skinning level : 466 Also has the passenger mount rocket Level 85 Mage Undead Male: 1670 Achievement points ( only did pvp with this char ) Money: 3k Engineering: 325 ilevel: 380 full pvp geared Level 85 Hunter Orc Male: 2000 achievement points ilvl: 380 full pve geared ( GOT ALL THE SPIDERS FROM FIRELANDS ) Money:4k Engineering level: 441 Leathworking: 235 Also has the passenger mount rocket Level 85 Paladin Blood Elf Female: This character just dinged 85. Level 85 Rogue Human Female: ilevel: 380 full pvp geared Money: 20k 280% flying skill Level 80 Druid Troll male: Full heirloomd feral and boomkin was going to use this for farming 280% flight speed Account 2: Level 85 mage blood elf male: ilvl 385, pve geared ilvl 380 pvp gear 37 pets 39 mounts, scorpion mount, tyraels charger achievement points 4635 flight skill 280% skinning 525 Level 67 Human male warrior full lvl 60 pvp set"
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