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Selling WTS: EQ1 81SK T3 1100AA and 70Bard 721AA Selling...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'EverQuest Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EQ Accounts - Buy and Sell, 3/3/13.

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    WTS: EQ1 81SK T3 1100AA and 70Bard 721AA Selling Everquest 1 Account with these 2 main characters. Starting offer at $90.00 CHEAP 81 DE Shadowknight 1094 AA's full tier 3, epic 1.0, epic 2.0 75 WE Bard 721 AA's Over a month remaining active time on the account. Never server transfered so thats available to any server. Can log in to verifiy ingame if needed. Feel free to contact me for any questions. WTS: P99 acnt 50 warr full gear ready for epic shammy full gear Selling fully geared 50warrior 50shaman Please reply for contact and I will PM you on the details. WTS: EQ1 Raid SK on AB Selling High End SK account on AB, but transferrable. unbuffed stats 62.4k/7.4+k AC and about 4800AA (anything that matters) Has several clickies, too numerous to list. LoN house items which add about 500 hps and another 150-200AC in tribute. Epic obviously, Full Tradeskill gear. Was a raid SK for high end guild on AB and before then on Maelin. Can tank bosses in HoT raid and obviously about anything in convorteum raid Asking 1k, and transaction will go through middleman. WTS: 57 DE SK account on Project 1999 Selling level 57 Female SK on project 1999, Character is geared with semi-decent gear, Bound at fire pots. Looking for $200 obo.. shoot me a pm here or at gnomester77hotmail.. sorry to post this so many times but hasnt worked right last 2 times i tried. Thanks WTS: lvl 80 paladin selling lvl 80 goin to be 81 paladin 115ish AA's burns groups down in seconds great tank also on the f2p eq2x server has 3 mounts silver sub most popular server in game pm with offer WTS: selling necro/mage on FV Selling lvl 90 necro on FV, has 640 aa's, is tier 3 HoT flagged with tier V merc. unbuffed hp 35,340 unbuffed mana 40,028 has most spells from HoT already selling lvl 90 mage on FV has 1109 aa's, tier 4 HoT flagged with teir v merc unbuffed hp 38,276 unbuffed mana 41,042 has most spells from HoT any questions shoot me a message any resaonable offer is good. WTS: EQ2...
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