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Selling WTS: EQ1 2 EQ accounts 2 89 Zerkers They have no...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'EverQuest Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EQ Accounts - Buy and Sell, 2/18/13.

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    WTS: EQ1 2 EQ accounts 2 89 Zerkers They have no real gear but they have 500 AAs and have tier 4 HOT flag. They're on xegony and cant be moved until the 18th im the original owner and have the CD Keys and all info needed. Price 75$ for each account. WTS: accnt w/ 90 fury, 90 conj, 81 SK This account has the new Destiny of Velious expansion. 90 Fury has a mix of T1-T3 SF raid gear + some of the new PQ Velious gear. Has 254 AA and a set of lvl 90 PVP/BG gear. Spells are masters and experts, about half and half. 90 Conj has 234 AA and mostly SF dungeon/instance gear with a few raid pieces and BG gear mixed in. 81 SK has lvl 80 TSO PVP set and lvl 80 MC. Was on my way to twinking it for lvl 81 BG's and PVP. It has 220 AA. WTS: Selling 90/293 Troll Defiler on AB This account is 1763 days old. All expansions active, along with the freeblood vampires I have almost of the LON scenario rewards. This is the only character on the account. He is a level 90 troll defiler. One trip to cella away from having the myth clicky. Has the fabled epic done. Almost all of the spells but like 2 are Mastered. 293 Alternate Advancements Points Level 90 Provisioner Full PQ gear and DOV gear, including the PQ Fabled Chest Piece and Weapon Max Harvest Skills Earring of Solstice, Gathering Obsession (including DOV part) and Crafting Epic done Gorowyn Tax-Free House Also the character has a race change and name change potion Please message me on here if you are interested in purchasing this account. I accept paypal only. Thanks! WTT: EQ2 (Freeport) 90 Pally in PQ gear, 155AA +DoV This account is newly named, in great guild. I am trading it for plat, 2500 plat gets the account. I have all info on the account. WTS: P1999 Level 52 Cleric for sale! This auction is for a level 52 Hafling male cleric. I am selling the time invested into this charecter. He has full EM gear from PoH and multiple raid dragon/god items. I estimate the cleric has an easy 200k+ in gear. I...
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