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Sold WTS asmo female sorc Anuhart EU PvP set: +15...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'Aion Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Forest Throne, 8/1/13.

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  1. Forest Throne
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    WTS asmo female sorc Anuhart EU PvP set: +15 Archon Commander's Tome(Full ma 14) fused with Noble Coliseum Champion's Grimoire 2c (Full ma 14) blind godstone +15 Archon Commander's Divine Tunic 2a(4 slots ma 14, 2 slots mb 27) +10 Archon Commander's Divine Leggings 2a(Full ma 14) +10 Archon Commander's Divine Pauldrons 2a(Full ma 14) +10 Archon Commander's Divine Shoes 2a(Full mb 27) +10 Antro's Gloves 2c (full ma 14) full 60Archon Commander's Turquoise pvp acc + belt 60 arena hat 2c Dramata's Bone Wing PvE set: +5 Kahrun's Jewel(full mb 27) fused tia orb( full mb 27) godstone 3760 dmg Full Siel's Forgotten set with mb 27 Kahrun acc + Kahrun wings all greater stigmas tree 1x 12 slot pet, 1x 18 slot pet, in warehouse 1x silence godstone, 1x paralyzes godstone, 50% attack speed reduce, all dmg godstones, Eternal Tia Fort mount (from box), 800k ap in relics, 100kk gold, 8.5k Courage Insignia, 30k crucible insignia, 14 glory tickets, 70 mithril medals, many manastones/mats in warehouse 501 alchemy (fine recovery serum, fine recovery potion), 499 essencetaping, 450 aethertaping, all morph recipes. lvl 14 veteran acc, over 1.6k hours of gp, all campaign quests done, master of lvl 6 legion. also on same acc lvl 40 cler with full lvl 30 ap gear +10. pm in inbox for more info. only serious offers (no trades) Aion character calculator
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