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Selling WTS Age of Wushu Account: Blue Dragon Hi, I've a...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'Age of Wushu Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Jiahao Ng, 8/1/13.

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  1. Jiahao Ng
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    WTS Age of Wushu Account: Blue Dragon Hi, I've a 3rd inner 33 Wudang with the list of following skills and assets. 1. Have 33dings+ unbounded taels 2. Silver eqs with heavy focus in brawn then breath and dex 3. RG claw set at max level with blood rain(spin 20%) 2 wep dmg 4. WV perish blade set at max level with viper flick tongue (20% + 10% annotation book) 5. Has level 30 3ng beggar to make perish blade and all other brawn skills +784 on passive block, ability to solo mini factions with ease. ( be it cloud villa, 12 linked, you name it, nearly full hp after solo) 6. 103/108 meridian on beggar, offering high brawn stats 7.108/108 wudang meridian, offering high accuracy, high breath and spirit. 8. Shaolin 1ng 25/25 intend to boost stam, with 1st meridian fully unlocked - Not Trained 9. Emei 1ng with 1/9 intend to boost dodge and accuracy, lacking 16 cheap mini script to unlock 1st meridian 10. SL longstyle boxing full set for good land control in pvp 11. Beggar lotus palm set for air control in pvp 13. Jiuyou hell wind maxed for 30% speed boost tag with over 7 wind rider potions(3days)steal script 4times~5times with ease. 14. Wudang breeze set at level 7 maxed out, 2 purified exalted with 1 wep dmg 1 break d on a tier 2 silver plus 10% purified exalted annotation book, (30% purified exalted with easily 190dmg per hit in air x11times) 15. Has another purified exalted annotation book can be sold 1.1d and taiji sword dance 10% annotation for personal use or sale @ 1d. 16. SL bohidharma set maxed out for mass control, works extremely well for wudang protect script, can max out rage immediately and switch to taiji sword dance, ensure 5/5 scripts with ease and also in instances such as lmi, pv, etc., has a tier 2 silver staff provided (pretty good) 17. Has tons of wudang certs easily around 1500 in preparation for 4th inner or 3rd inner if you desire to max out/ sell if u wish to. 18. Legendary blacksmith with silver tier 1 & 2 crafting for dagger, RG claw, blades, dual blades, swords & dual swords, double stings, Staffs and Sticks. With refined double stings and stick crafting for tier 2 jade. 19. Legendary Miner with 3weeks+ remaining double mining 20. 3weeks+ remaining double hunting with grandmaster hunting( 1 before legendary) 21. A couple of maxed daggers worth at least 600l each unbounded. 4 such daggers. 22. VIP just loaded very recently, expected to end in the late August. 23. Has SL weitou set maxed 24. Has Yanyang Blade set at level 6, not trained. I can also tag along a 2nd inner 27 Tangmen, with about 700l unbounded taels and a couple of stuffs with her for free. She has about 700+ certs with her as well. Server: Blue Dragon
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.