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Selling WTS Acc with 50/50 GWAMM 113 maxed titles, 11...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2 Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Guild Wars Accounts - Buy and Sell, 2/2/13.

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    WTS Acc with 50/50 GWAMM 113 maxed titles, 11 chaos+10 obby sets, C.E., full PvX ( 1 2) Hello. I would like to sell this account (I hope). I quit the game awhile ago and I am not going to be playing GW2 due to real life being so busy. It has the following stuff: Full GW2 unlock: 50/50 HoM GWAMM Access keys on account: Guild Wars Prophecies Guild Wars Factions Collector's Edition Guild Wars Nightfall Collector's Edition Guild Wars Eye of the North Game of the year upgrade 11 total Character slots (1 of each profession plus a remake) 8 total xunlai tabs Signature Asmodian Wing Emote(From Aion CE) Wintersday Costume Pack (Dwayna + Grenth) War in Kryta Costume Pack Halloween 2010 Costume Pack Wedding Party Costume Pack 3x Mercenary Hero Pack PvP: Exotic armor and weapons are unlocked. Terrifying Gladiator (5) Mighty Hero (3)-Bambi Emote Ally of the Zaishen (4)-Gold Spear + Bronze Hammer Emote Account Titles: Savior of the Luxons (12)-Maxed Savior of the Kurzicks (12)-Maxed Grandmaster Treasure Hunter (7)-Maxed Source of Wisdom (7)-Maxed Cursed by Fate (7)-Maxed Golden (5)-Needs about 400k to max The family (characters) all are females 4 PvP only characters (5 maxed account titles each) Monk-Chaos+obby, pvp weapon skins including exotic stuff Warrior-Chaos+obby, pvp weapon skins including exotic stuff Assassin-Chaos+obby, pvp weapon skins Elementalist-Chaos, pvp weapon skins 7 PvE characters Monk (2nd one)-Chaos+obby, 10 maxed titles Mesmer-Chaos+obby, 15 maxed titles-LDoA Character Ritualist-Chaos+obby, 34 maxed titles-GWAMM Character Ranger-Chaos+obby, 7 maxed titles Necromancer-Chaos+obby, 8 maxed titles Dervish-Chaos+obby, 9 maxed titles Paragon-Chaos+obby, 11 maxed titles All 11 characters are fully PvPable and the 7 PvE characters can do any PvE stuff. There is numerous other elite armor sets and bos for each character, I think I have spent like 4,000+ ectos on armor and weapons across the account. Account facts: I am the original owner, it is ncsoft...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.