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Selling WTS: 90 Bard RAID GEARED Hi all, WTS my bard after...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'EverQuest Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EQ Accounts - Buy and Sell, 2/26/13.

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    WTS: 90 Bard RAID GEARED Hi all, WTS my bard after 9 years of playing the game. - Level 90 & 100% into next level - 7100+AAs - 67,000HP unbuffed - Max Leader AAs - Most tradeskills Maxed - All HoT achievements done - Good reputation ? still tagged under one of the best raiding guilds in the game - Fully raid geared ? most gear either T3 / T4 HoT raid - 4 tier 4 HoT raid weapons - Most of the needed clickys in bag ? e.g. orb or tishan, anguish BP, invis cloak, epic 2.0, SoB clicky etc. - All of the best AC augs Fully prepared toon. Here is a change to get yourself a high end class which is the rarest class in EQ. Message me if your interested. WTS: EQ1 Project 1999 250k pp+ Twinked toon account Hi guys and girls, I am selling the time that it has taken me to build my P99 account. It has over 250k ready to spend plus a load of twinked out toons ready to level, around 350kpp total in plat and items here! Taking serious offers only please! no time wasters! $500+ The Plat is included in the account sale only! so buy it ASAP its a rare chance at an account like this! Once its gone its gone! first serious offer gets it ! Be safe! WTS: 90 Berserker with over 8300AA's + 90 Bard hi guys, I married my wife and I don't have time anymore to play EQ. I'm selling my 12 years old account with 90 zerker and 90 Bard. Zerker has over 8.3k AAs and 10 tasks saved (when you burn glyphs you can use rewards to egt AAs back). He is at around 52k HP and 5.9k AC unbuffed. Parses top3 on most playerup on AB server in high end guilds. I'm using Convorteum raid 2h slasher with 13 dmg aug in it. Both chars are HoThule T4 flagged. Zerker can tank T4 (nameds too!). Bard is FULLY T4 equipped!! not a single merchant bought item! except slot 3 augs. Both have all their rk.II discs/songs from HoT expansion. Zerker has ALOT of clickies (2 bags only full of illusions and familiars). I got the Bard Symphony of Battle (group haste, attack etc clicky) and Harmony of Sound (debuff clicky) -...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.