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WTS: 8 x80s-HoX, Guard, Ranger, PoM, Demo, Barb, Conq, ToSMiddleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'Age of Conan Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Age of Conan Accounts, 9/28/13.

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    Age of Conan Accounts
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    8 x80s-HoX, Guard, Ranger, PoM, Demo, Barb, Conq, ToS 80 Herald of Xotli - PvP 2 - PvP 2 Gear - 6/8 T2 pieces but has t1 gloves and missing shoulders - Has T2 sword 80 Guardian - PvP 2 - PvP 2 Gear -Full T2 - just missing t2 shield -Ibis Sword -Master Armorsmith 80 Priest of Mitra -1/8 T2 pieces (new 80) -T2 Staff -T2 ToS Blunt -T1 PoM Shield 80 Conqueror - 5/8 Raid Pieces (T2 Chest/T1 helm,wrist,pants,shoulder) - Equipped with 2 raid swords (t1 conq and t2 DT) - T1 2H Conq Sword 80 Barbarian - 6 T2 Pieces - T1 Boots 80 Ranger -7/8 Raid Gear (T1- Helm, Boots) (T2 - Chest, Wrists, Hands, Pants, Belt) - T2 Arrows - T1 Xbow/Bolts 80 Demonologist -6/8 Raid Gear (T1 - Shoulder, Chest) (T2 - Helm, Belt, Pants, Boots) -T2 Staff/T2 Dagger 80 Tempest of Set -7/8 Raid Gear (T1 - Helm, Shoulder, Chest, Boots) (T2 - Belt, Pants, Wrist) -T2 Spear -T2 PoM Shield -T1 ToS Book price is negociable . contact details : Disturbint@
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.