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WTS: 55 sorc euMiddleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'Aion Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Aion Accounts, 9/26/13.

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    55 sorc 10 Stormwing tome/50 pvp tome combine with 3750 general godstone 10 full 50 elite abyss pvp set Full 55 eternal pvp accessories with 55 pvp gold hat Lucky wings Eternal pve anurati rings and eternal pve debilkarim earring PVP and PVE stigmas with stigma shards to change specs Extra plat medals and abyss items to turn in for points Master tailoring, max gathering, max aether gathering, 399 handicrafting, 399 alchemy, hundreds of materials to craft eternal tailoring items to sell or use Thousands of scrolls, heal/mana/flight potions, abyss heal/mana/flight potions, extra materials to make thousands more potions and scrolls, plenty of food and drink, hundreds of teleportation scrolls Max bank space and inventory space, Shugo pet (24 slots), 18 slot pet, 2x 12 slot pets, 6 slot pet, pets that produce enchantment stones, balaur materials, plat medals, pet that loots items, reuseable kisk Over 800 million kinah 30 enchantment stones (worth 200million kinah), hundreds of manastones to socket future gear Thousands of crucible/courage insignias Plastic surgery ticket to change appearance, appearance gear/costumes in the bank, dye to change the color of your gear 25 months active account with many veteran rewards available to use 55 Ranger 10 Master Nanyu bow/50 pvp bow combine with 8 second silence godstone with thousands of arrows and power shards 10 50 elite pvp abyss set 55 abyss eternal rings/neck/hat/belt, 50 abyss earrings, lucky wings Full eternal stormwing pve set, eternal debilkarim pve earrings, gold neck piece PVP and PVE stigmas with stigma shards to change specs Master cooking Plat medals, abyss point items, silver medals NO.3Z11291712 View Gear plz dont hesitate,add my icq:633172023 Or add my :love3zoom@live.cn plz dont hesitate,add my icq:633172023 Or add my :love3zoom@live.cn
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