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Selling WTS 50/50 Maxed PVX Account Has all primary...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2 Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Guild Wars Accounts - Buy and Sell, 2/10/13.

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    WTS 50/50 Maxed PVX Account Has all primary characters used nowadays: monk sin mesmer ele ranger rit (all skills and all have obby) also has para, derv, necro (no obs but all skills) All chars ready to do any role in any elite area The account is 50/50 And the monk is GWAMM, ele on rank 4koabd If interested, leave an offer. Also have braces for sale at 1.5 euros each Arms,ecto, Consumables, ghostly hero and more with MM ( 1 2 3) Im speaking english and german. I'm accepting GBP,$ or € wintergreen canes: 44 stacks (11,000) rainbow canes 20 stacks (5,000) Pepper canes 14 stacks (3,500) snowmen summoner 24 stacks (6,000) yuletide tonics 21 stacks (5,250) fruitcake 7 stacks (1,750) 1 min alc 6 stacks (1,500) 3 min alc 3 stacks (750) winter tonics 55 stacks(13,750) candy cane shards 69 stacks (17,250) crates of Firework 1 stack (250) candy popcorn 6 stacks (1,500) candy apple 2 stacks (500) pumpkin cookie 4 stacks (1,000) 5ht pets(unded) 11x herder 6x ventari 4x Zhu Hanuku 7x fire drake 10x cobalt scabara 3x shard wolf 20x siege devourer 10x manta 10x seer 5x Ophil nahuali 1 King Adelbern Package of each of these pets(but 1x Zhu or 1x King) for 3€ other stuff: unded mallyx 5x unded normal pig 22 lockpicks Package of 5 tormented Weapons: sword 2x death staff Protection focus Fast cast staff Tell me what you want, and what you pay for them. Dont want much for this stuff. 120k, 276 zkeys,40e, 2 arms, ded oni and wintergreen wand + few (elite) tomes This package ill sell for 35€. General information: i got on other sites positives feedback got also an playerup.com account (link if u ask me). Here i got allready many and also on GR 3 I dont go first I dont accept any MM anymore. I sold several times within a week and every goes first. I accept Paypal(as gift) and Bank transfer. Deutsch: Ich schätze jeder kann das, was ich anbiete, verstehen und brauch keine Übersetzung. Falls doch, einfach anschreiben Ich habe auch einen Ebayaccount, den ich euch auf...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.