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Selling WTS 4 GW Accs: 2 40/50+, 1 PvP, 1 PvE w/ great...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2 Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Guild Wars Accounts - Buy and Sell, 2/5/13.

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    WTS 4 GW Accs: 2 40/50+, 1 PvP, 1 PvE w/ great chars So I am revamping my old thread, I have 2 more accs to sell. I plan on playing GW2, but have lost most interest in the original game. So I am going to sell all the accs I have, and just start from scratch whenever they release GW2. __________________________________________________ ______________________ Account #1: PvE Acc, 46/50 (Just recently acquired) Rank 8* Zaishen Rank 3* Hero 13 Characters PlayNc linked, all info given. 1. Elementalist(Female 20): Couple elite armor sets. 2. Dervish(Female 20): Obsidian Armor 3. Ritualist(Female 20): Couple elite armor sets 4. Warrior (Male 20): Obsidian Armor 5. Necromancer (Female 20): Obsidian + Vabbian armor mix 6. Warrior(Female 20): Vabbian armor 7. Assassin(Female 20): 25 Max Titles, Various elite armor sets and Obsidian armor + chaos gloves 8. Mesmer(Female 20): Obsidian Armor 9. Ranger(Female): Obsidian armor + chaos gloves 10. Monk(Female 20): Obsidian armor + chaos gloves 11. Monk(Female 10): Obsidian armor + chaos gloves 12. Assassin(Male 20): Obsidian Armor + Chaos gloves 13. Paragon(Female 2): Was going to start another char Needs 2 more points for minis, 1 point for titles, and 1 for weapons. Can easily be 50/50 soon. __________________________________________________ ______________________ Account #2: PvE Acc, 45/50 All 4 games Hero 5 Gladiator 2 Zaishen 3 PlayNc linked, all info given. Main: Mesmer Obsidian armor/Chaos/many other armor sets (vabbi, elite kurz, primeval, etc) Has 7 torm weps, and many destroyer weps Rank 10 Sunspear Rank 8 Lightbringer Legendary Guardian People Know Me (11 maxed titles) Monk & Ele finished NF campaign(both have elite armor, and farming builds) Only needs titles to finish the HoM, many titles on mes close to maxing. Could be 50/50 very soon. __________________________________________________ ______________________ Account #3: PvP Acc, r10 All four games PlayNc linked, but no info. Pve monk with chaos, that is...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.