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Sold WTS 2 L65 characters, Gladiator, Gunslinger. Both...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'Aion Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Karsen Yang, 8/26/13.

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  1. Karsen Yang
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    WTS 2 L65 characters, Gladiator, Gunslinger. Both on Aion-US Kahrun. Have extend morph method, 3x blade crystals, 41m Kinah(30 on Glad, 11 on Gunslinger), L98,100,102 Enchant stones in WH and a bunch of other materials. In top 20, close knit legion (Humility). GLADIATOR 164,202 AP All skills learned. Full BM Accessories, Full BM armor(Chest +1 / Legs +2 / Boots +2 / Shoulders +3 / Gloves + 1) Chest, Legs, Boots socketed with Crit+17 / 20. Shoulders Crit+17 / Accuracy +31. Gloves Accuracy +29 & 31 BM weapon (+6) with Silence Godstone All Tiamat Stronghold armor except chest piece not +ed Eternal TS bow (fully socketed crit+17) DLR spear morph method, 6x 56-60 Eternal courier passes for DLR spear. Stats for Gladiator: UNBUFFED 839 attack 2709 accuracy 771 crit 323 Strike Resist 127 Strike Fortitude 838 Magic Suppression 1610 Magic Resist GUNSLINGER MH: +9 BM Pistol with Paralyze godstone (Manastones: Magic boost +27/30) OH: Garn's pistol with 1% 1880 godstone Full BM armor(+1 Chest, Gloves, Boots / +3 Shoulders) Manastones: Chest,Shoulders,Gloves MB+27/28 Legs 2x MB+28, Boots MA+12/16 BM Skill books not obtained. 203,024 AP Stats for Gunslinger: UNBUFFED 207 Strike Resist 46 Strike Fortitude 2336 Magic Boost 1805 Magical Accuracy 113 Crit Spell 1129 Magic Supp. 1495 Magic Res. Asking Price(Also open to offers): $300 USD only accepting payment through Paypal. If you have any questions to ask send me a message.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.