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Selling World of Warcraft, D3, and GW2 Accounts - $350...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'WoW - US Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by WoW Account and Character, 3/11/13.

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  1. WoW Account and Character
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    World of Warcraft, D3, and GW2 Accounts - $350 (Texas) I am selling my Battle.net account, as I no longer have an interest in or time for the games. The account is my original account, and I used it for about 6 years. The Battle.net account has my main WoW account updated to Mists of Pandaria, and a secondary account updated to Cataclysm. It also has a Diablo 3 account, a public test realm account, and a couple free trial accounts attached. If you buy the Battle.net account, I will throw in my Guild Wars 2 account free. I haven't advanced it much, but it's a $60 value just for the game. Included on the WoW account are... Level 90 Human Mage - maxed tailoring and enchanting as well as cooking (mix of S12 pvp gear) Level 90 Worgen Hunter - maxed mining and engineering (Mix of malevolent pvp gear including S12 epic bow) Level 90 Draenei Shaman - maxed jewelcrafting and alchemy, and all secondary professions maxed to cata level (first aid, cooking, fishing, and archaeology) Also on the account were some deleted characters that can easily be restored to to the account with a ticket. They include a level 85 Tauren Druid, level 84 Undead Warlock, level 80 Troll Rogue, and level 87 Draenei Warrior. I have about 20k gold on the account, and many extras. Mounts including the sandstone drake, 2 person rocket, flying machine, chopper, red proto drake, some new Mists of Pandaria mounts, and all faction mounts. I also have the Zevra mount from the original Recruit a Friend offer, Tyrael's Charger, and the thundering august celestial cloud serpent mount from being exalted with August Celestials. (a feat in itself) The characters may still be guilded, but are in good standing on their servers. The Diablo 3 account has a headstart as I got my Monk through the first level of the game and he is around level 30-31. The price tag is probably pretty low for what I am offering, so the price is firm. Please respond via email if interested and to discuss payment time and method.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.