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Selling The Rathe Bard has most of the items for epic 1.0...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'EverQuest Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EQ Accounts - Buy and Sell, 3/3/13.

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    The Rathe Bard has most of the items for epic 1.0 72 Female Halfing Magician Main Characters AA Points: sLCIOlOYGpoLhHKiHPl Main Characters HP: CAjvSJxlxnkEUTaMX Main Characters Mana: QQgOxhMrbsIeys Main Characters AC: QvxsLgFaSPQbYSaB Main Characters Epic: 1.5 Have A Magelo/EQPlayer Profile?: No Main Characters Equipment (Describe): bVxywr "qaabypzvswaaqaabypzvswaa, [=gljddbgqqtsngljddbgqqtsn[, oiwpnstvfqjaoiwpnstvfqja, hhyrwggjgfly/ Main Characters Equipment Summarize: 3 - Basic Equipment (Fully Geared) All Veteran Rewards (Describe): bVxywr "qaabypzvswaaqaabypzvswaa, [=gljddbgqqtsngljddbgqqtsn[, oiwpnstvfqjaoiwpnstvfqja, hhyrwggjgfly/ All Keys (Describe): bVxywr "qaabypzvswaaqaabypzvswaa, [=gljddbgqqtsngljddbgqqtsn[, oiwpnstvfqjaoiwpnstvfqja, hhyrwggjgfly/ All Flags (Describe): bVxywr "qaabypzvswaaqaabypzvswaa, [=gljddbgqqtsngljddbgqqtsn[, oiwpnstvfqjaoiwpnstvfqja, hhyrwggjgfly/ All Tradeskills (Describe): bVxywr "qaabypzvswaaqaabypzvswaa, [=gljddbgqqtsngljddbgqqtsn[, oiwpnstvfqjaoiwpnstvfqja, hhyrwggjgfly/ How Many Alts over Level 30?: Total Days Played On Account: zcfofNMZwc Expansions: AwCBXGADd Characters Transferrable?: No vmDjeuDfrlu Fennin Ro Binding Package X2 85 Female High Elf Magician AA Points: 1600 LDON Points: Tradeskills: none Flag/Key List: mmm/crystallos Epic: Epic 1.0 Do You Have Magelo or EQ Player Profile: No Magelo or EQPlayer Profile Link: Best Way To Sum Main Jobs Equipment: 5 - Uber Equipment (Fully Geared) Describe All Characters Equipment: Characters Server: Fennin Ro Characters Level: 80 Characters Class: Mag. 85 Describe One Characters Equipment: Crystallos geared with cores and atleast one essence in all gear some has more. How Many Alts over Level 50?: Characters Transferrable?: No Expansions: All The Combine DS Package X2 33 Female Vah Shir Magician Main Characters AA Points: xMsMPLRI Main Characters HP: pFsrIKSHflRRLh Main Characters Mana: TgYIqjwHeCd Main Characters AC: uMbdcCBcXPduIIpXi Main Characters...
Thread Status:
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