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Selling Selling NA server lvl 30 Account for $150 USD,...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Tao Ren, 8/31/13.

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  1. Tao Ren
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    Selling NA server lvl 30 Account for $150 USD, WILL PAY FOR NAME CHANGE. Will accept payment by Paypal only. Champions and Skins: Akali (Stinger Akali, Crimson Akali) Alistar Amumu (Pharoh Amumu, Emumu, Almost-Prom King Amumu, Little Knight Amumu, Sad Robot Amumu) Anivia Annie (Goth Annie) Ashe (Woad Ashe) Blitzcrank Caitlyn Cho' Gath Corki Dr. Mundo Evelyn Ezreal (Frosted Ezreal) Fiddlesticks (SPECIAL Dark Candy Fiddlesticks) Fizz Gangplank Garen (Desert Trooper Garen) Graves (Hired Gun Graves) Heimerdinger Janna Jarvan IV (Commando Jarvan IV) Jax (Nemesis Jax) Jayce Karthus Kassadin (Deep One Kassadin, Pre-Void Kassadin) Katarina Kayle Kha'Zix Lissandra (Bloodstone Lissandra) Malphite (Coral Reef Malphite) Master Yi (Chosen Master Yi, Samurai Yi) Morgana Nasus Nidalee (Headhunter Nidalee) Nunu (Grungy Nunu) Pantheon (Myrmidon Pantheon, Ruthless Pantheon, Perseus Pantheon, Full Metal Pantheon, Glaive Warrior Pantheon) Rammus Riven Ryze Sejuani Shaco Singed Sion Sivir Soraka Taric Teemo (Badger Teemo) Thresh Tristana Tryndamere (Highland Tryndamere, King Tryndamere, Viking Tryndamere, Demonblade Tryndamere, Sultan Tryndamere) Twisted Fate Twitch Udyr Veigar Xin Zhao (Warring Kingdoms Xin Xhao) Warwick (Firefang Warwick) Wukong (General Wukong) Zed Zilean Runes (Only listing Tier 3 Runes), Marks: +0.95 AD (x9), +1.7% Attack Speed (x9), +0.93% Crit Chance (x9), Seals: +1.4 Armor (x9), Glyphs: +1.2 AP (x9), +1.3 MR (x9), Quints: +5 AP (x3), +4.3 Armor (x1), +2.3 AD (x3), +26 Health (x1), -5% Time Dead (x1) Summoner Icons: Curse Icon, Lissandra Icon, S3 X-Mas RP gifting icon (swords in a stocking), S3 X-Mas Participation Icon, S3 Halloween Participation Icon.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.