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Selling Selling level 30 League Of Legends account! -North...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Steven Steele, 6/29/13.

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  1. Steven Steele
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    Selling level 30 League Of Legends account! -North American Server -Every champion unlocked (114) including most recent, Aatrox -Silver 5 (Pantheons Captains, 65 wins) -7794+ Ip -All 2012 Halloween icons unlocked, as well as Freljord icon -4 rune pages Tier 3 Runes marks: 9 armor, 9 armor pen., 9 attack speed, 9 hybrid pen., 9 physical damage, 9 magic pen., 9 scaling ability power seals: 9 armor, 9 magic resist glyphs: 9 armor, 9 ability power, 9 magic resist, 9 scaling magic resist quintessences: 3 ability power, 3 armor pen, 3 crit damage, 3 physical damage, 3 move speed, 3 gold per 10 Legendary Skins (6): Battlecast Prime Cho'gath, Aether Wing Kayle, Eternum Nocturne, Bloodlord Vladimir, Astronaut Teemo, Championship Riven Skins: Firefox Ahri, Nurse Akali, Unchained Alistar, Frostfire Annie, Vandal Brand, Artic Warfare Caitlyn, Mythic Cassiopeia, Lord Darius, Dark Valkyrie Diana, Soul Reaver Draven, Gladiator Draven, Masquerade Evelynn, Frosted Ezreal, Royal Guard Fiora, Atlantean Fizz, Spooky Gangplank, Rugged Garen, Mafia Graves, Reaper Hecarim, Nightblade Irelia, Commando Jarvan IV, Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV, Nemesis Jax, Traditional Karma, Grim Reaper Karthus, Mercenary Katarina, High Command Katarina, Sandstorm Katarina, Slay Belle Katarina, Viridian Kayle, Deadly Kennen, Mecha Kha'zix, Acolyte Lee Sin, Muay Thai Lee Sin, Valkyrie Leona, Iron Solari Leona, Steel Legion Lux, Obsidian Malphite, Overlord Malzahar, Totemic Maokai, Lord Mordekaiser, Blackthorn Morgana, French Maid Nidalee, Demolisher Nunu, Glacial Olaf, Bladecraft Orianna, Full Metal Pantheon, Glaive Warrior Pantheon, Full Metal Rammus, Galactic Renekton, Rune Wars Renekton, Headhunter Rengar, Traditional Sejuani, Asylum Shaco, Yellow Jacket Shen, Warlord Shen, Darkflame Shyvana, Augmented Singed, Guqin Sona, Tyrant Swain, Justicar Syndra, Dragonblade Talon, Riot Girl Tristana, Traditional Trundle, Sultan Tryndamere, Underworld Twisted Fate, Primal Udyr, Thunder Lord Volibear, Feral Warwick, General Wukong, Winged Hussar Xin Zhao, Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao, Shockblade Zed, Wildfire Zyra Price: $500 Pm me if you're interested
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