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Selling Selling EUW Level 30 Account, over 980 normal...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Costantino Ciotti, 8/27/13.

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  1. Costantino Ciotti
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    Selling EUW Level 30 Account, over 980 normal wins, over 300 ranked wins. Silver 4 in rankings. 110/115 champions unlocked. Following skins unlocked: Normal Skins: Infernal Alistair Panda Annie Jade Cassiopeia Fisherman Fizz Special forces Gangplank Piltover Heirmerdinger Nemesis Jax Bloodstone Lissandra Totemic Maokai Glacial Olaf Glavie Pantheon Phoenix Quinn Bloodfury Renekton Headhunter Rengar Masked Shaco Warlord Shen Darkflame Shyvana Warmoger Sion Earthrune Skarner Battlecast Urgot Runeguard Volibear Shockblade Zed Wildfire Zyra Semi-Legendary skins unlocked: Aether wing kayle Eterneum Nocturne Astronaut Teemo Ultimate skins unlocked: Pulsefire Ezreal Out of the market skins unlocked: Molten Rammus Legacy skins unlocked: Pirate Ryze All Halloween 2012 summoner icons unlocked, Season 2 summoner icon unlocked Additional summoner icons unlocked Vast majority of Runes unlocked Mastery pages already set for several champions/classes Several additional money (RP) was spent for all the champions and runes to be unlocked so early. Total price of money spent + time spent + age of account (2.5 years) = +/- 480 euros Price for sale: 359.99 dollars Negotiable price.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.