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Selling Selling an EUNE account with the following...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Razvan Enachescu, 7/25/13.

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  1. Razvan Enachescu
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    Selling an EUNE account with the following characteristics: Ranked stats = Platinum 5 ( used to be 4 but dropped due to inactivity) Normal game stats = 2319 wins / 1800 losses(approximately) Rune pages = 12 IP points on account = 7009 Champions = all Skins = 31 Unchained Alistar Pharaoh Amumu Red Riding Annie Nightmare Cho'Gath Frosted Ezreal Spooky Gangplank Mafia Graves Tempest Janna Frost Queen Janna Victorious Janna Victorious Jarvan IV Traditional Karma Judgement Kayle Karate Kennen Butterfly Kogmaw Shadow Prince Malzahar Mafia Miss Fortune Dreadknight Nasus Leopard Nidalee Perseus Pantheon Glaive Warrior Pantheon Royal Shaco Ice Drake Shyvanna Arcade Sona Cottontail Teemo Riotgirl Tristana Traditional Trundle Black belt Udyr Primal Udyr Gangster Twitch Nosferatu Vladimir (rare holloween skin) The account has never been banned or had any problems, I am the original owner. Ranked GOLD in Season 1 and Season 2(notice the victorious skins) PRICE: 650 Euros Contact me if interested via PM or via Email (razvan.enachescu@yahoo.com)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.