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Selling Selling alpha stage survivor warZ account GC: 2200...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'Smite Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Lourenço Stewart, 4/26/13.

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  1. Lourenço Stewart
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    Selling alpha stage survivor warZ account GC: 2200 $: 15519 3 Characters: 1st: 3770xp 2nd: 1365xp 3rd:1375xp survived: 23h25min survived:15h35min survived: 11h16min z killed: 754 z killed: 273 z killed: 275 b killed: 11 b killed: 17 b killed: 7 c killed: 32 c killed: 23 c killed: 9 allignment: thug allignment: thug allignment: civilian These characters are really nothing great , some of them are carrying some minor items though and you might be interested. ITEMS: -FIREARMS .Handguns .Rifles FN FIVESEVEN X5 KRUGER RIFLE.22 X22 ANACONDA X17 MOSIN NAGANT X5 B93R X2 KRUGER MINI X10 SIG SAUER P226 X10 KRUGER.22 X6 .Shotguns B92 X3 AA-12 X5 JERICHO 9MM X6 MOSSBERG 590 X14 1911 X13 DOUBLE BARREL X5 .Assault Rifles .Other M4 X8 COMPOUND CROSSBOW X1 M16 X16 FLARE GUN X2 M4 SEMI X3 BLASER R93 X2 FN SCAR X6 M107 X1 FN P90X1 MP5/10 X1 AKM X1 UZI X1 AK74M X1 SAIGA X2 -AMMO SAIGA Mags X9 9MM Mags X22 SHOTGUN Shell 2x X2 5.45 AK30 X6 12 GAUGE Ammo X3 Standard KRUGER .22 Rifle X7 SMG-20 Ammo X10 STANAG C-MAGS X8 KRUGER MINI-14 Clip X2 STANAG 45 X4 STANAG 30 X5 7.62 AKM X6 SVD Ammo X4 MP7 30 Ammo X2 MP5 10mm Mag X2 .308 WINCHESTER SNIPER X2 AA-12 DRUM X3 ANACONDA Clip X2 FLARE Clips X7 And some more clips with some ammo in them , like some stanags , a half full c mag , etc... -MELEE & LIGHTS TACTICAL KNIFE X30 JOKOTO KATANA X4 WAKIZASHI X3 HATCHET X10 HAMMER X11 PICKAXE X1 BAT X4 FLARE X7 Chemlight RED X6 Chemlight YELLOW X4 CRICKET BAT X1 FLASHLIGHT X3 -APPAREL SMALL BACKPACKS X24 BIG PACKPACKS X11 MTV FORREST X9 CUSTOM GUERRILLA X2 MEDIUM BACKPACK X1 ALICE RUCKSACK X1 NIGHT VISION CIVILIAN X1 Plus all the MASKS/HELMETS , With quantities. -FOOD & DRINKS WATER 375mL X84 WATER 1L X17 ELECTRO-AID X7 CAN OF SOUP X10 CAN OF PASTA X6 CAN OF HAM X6 CAN OF SODA X32 JUICE X6 INSTANT OATMEAL X14 BAG-MRE X3 -AID MEDKIT X5 WOOD BARRICADE X9 CO1-VACCINE X 26 BANDAGES X77 PAIN KILLERS X 67 ANTIBIOTICS X53 BINOCULARS X14 BARB WIRE X1 RANGE FINDER X1 TIME CAPSULE X7 RIOT SHIELD X1 These are all the items that are in posession of this account. Conclusion: Acount original price : 15 USD GC : 15 USD Items , account stats ( account mostly used to farm hence the low kills, clean , unlike most out there ) and account items also add up. Selling for 30 USD , Seems fair enough. PM me if interested , here , or email me if you cant pm me : lstewart_tagged@hotmail.com
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