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Selling Selling account Russian server, Rp 225, IP 5931,...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Robertas Mockevičius, 9/22/13.

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  1. Robertas Mockevičius
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    Selling account Russian server, Rp 225, IP 5931, Skins: Blood Moon Akali, Unchained Alistar,Pharaoh Amumu,Arclight Varus,White mage veigar,Aristocrat Vayne,Minuteman Gankplank,Sanguine Garen,Blood Knight Hecarim,Nemesis JAx,Valkyrie Diana, gladiator Draven,Scorhed Earth Xerath,Infiltrator Irelia,Phantom Karthus,Judgment Kayle,Artic Ops Kennen,Imperial Xin Zhao,Prestigiuos Leblanc,Spellthief Lux,Marble Malphite,Dragon Knight mordekaiser,Galactical Nasus,Ruthless Pantheon,Bunny Ip Riven,Bear cavalry Sejuani,Mad scientist singed,Dragon blade talon,Traditional Trundle,Riot Girl tristana,Royal Shaco,Asylum Shaco,Warlord Shen,Ironscale Shyvana,Ice Drake Shyvana. Champions: All Except-Elise, Urgot,Rammus,Nami,Lissandra,Leona,Kog Maw,Yorick,Kha Zix,Cassiopeia,Quinn,Ziggs,Zac,Zayra,Galio,Viktor,Vi. 9 Rune Pages. Alot runes,all most all x9,Pm and i send a photo. Normal Wins 663. Ranked S3 Won 187 Lost 175, S2 Won 426 Lost 442, S1 Won 137 Lost 117. Atm elo in s3 Silver Division 1 . Pm Message for photos, or write to skype: Babyte_broni. And talk about price.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.