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    this account has over 1170 hours played. I am no longer challenged with it. The account has a Barrett's chest, very good rolls, skull mc gloves, bullfrogs, liberator,showstopper,Cassidy centurion,hungryhog,Midas,Pakhan,tenebrae,urban Mdr, tommy gun, lots of weapons, lvoac, m4s,smgs,shotguns,snipers,extra. Lots of stuff. Stash is full of gear sets, mods,weapons, the extracted will be full of cashe for you. All crafting supplies, 999 in all of them. 99 directive intel, 99target intel,99 weapons kits,at least 3000 Phoenix credits, 330000000 credits, 2200000 dz funds if you can't dominate with this account, no other account can help this is a Europe account. Stats currently with a gold set up is 362559, 392886,119821. But with all the items in this account, you can make pretty any set up you want. 600 US dollars. Pictures coming

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