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Sold lvl 60 Sorcerer Nexus/EU Elyo Weapons: 60 elite...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'Aion Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Bartosz Warmuz, 6/26/13.

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  1. Bartosz Warmuz
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    lvl 60 Sorcerer Nexus/EU Elyo Weapons: 60 elite eternal tome [+14] with c2 55lvl fuse - 13,5% pvp atk full MA Tiamat orb (the best version) [+12] with 55c2 fuse full MB Set: Augument chest [+13] 6x MA+14 Augument Pants [+13] 1x MA+14 5x MA+14/MR+7 Augument Shoes [+11] 2x MB+25/MR+6 4x MB+27/MR+7 Augument Shoulders [+11] 3xMB+27 2x MB+27/HP+47 1xMB+27/MR+7 Augument Gloves [+11] 4x MB+27 2xMB+27/MR+7 Statistics WITH robe of flame and regular MB/MA food With tome: 2640MB/2051MA With orb: 3003 MB/1810 MA 9655 HP, 421 Strike Resist, 1307 Magic Suppresion, 1851 MR Also MA set - 2264 MA Also PVE MB set - 3450 MB More info: Veteran account, veteran rewards 29/40 Goldpack actived for 48 days (21.06) scrolls/food/pots and anything else needed. Money 100kk kinah + enchants and manastones for another 200kk+ All stigmas bought, 150+ mithrils, 2.2kk+ AP on character (i was about to buy augument orb to fuse) 2nd glory title + 5 more wins I will also pay for aion coins to change the name of character. Character is fully geared and prepared for 4.0 :) Current offer given by spamsite.com is 400.43$. (Can be proved by ss) If you like to bid that offer, contact me by skype- varmek or email- varmek@gmail.com
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.