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Selling Looking to sell my account Main Character: Balance...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'WoW - US Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Hermes Aeus Mora, 8/13/12.

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  1. Hermes Aeus Mora
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    Looking to sell my account Main Character: Balance druid (Horde: Tauren) 223 Days,19 hours and 44 minutes played time 405 item level 525 Enchanting and 525 Skinning 9030 Achievement Points 46 Exalted Factions and over 49 Factions on Honored and Higher 108k Gold 105 Mounts and 71 Pets in total Many rare mounts,Arena season 4 Gladiator mount (Brutal Nether drake,Swift Zulian tiger) Some other rare mounts like Swift Zulian panther,Raven Lord,Headless Horsman's mount,Rivendares Deathcharger) All mounts and pets from being exalted with a guild,both Proto Drakes from Ulduar 10 and 25 Many rare items like Sylvana's Music Box,Haunted Memento,Time-lost Figurine,Darkspear pride,Orb of the Sin'dorei) Rare titles and feats of strength (Herald of the Titans,Champion of Ulduar,Conqueror of Ulduar,The Immortal,A tribute to Insanity,Hero of Zandalar Tribe,Its over 9000) Some other titles (Ambassador,Bane of the Fallen king,Guardian of Cenarius,Starcaller,of the Shattered Sun,The Argent Champion,The Diplomat,the Exalted,the Kingslayer,the Light of Dawn) Dragonsoul Heroic progression,achievements up to 6/8 Heroic Alternative Characters: Arms Warrior 85,Discipline Priest 85,Blood Deathknight 85,Protection Paladin 54 Warrior: 393 Item Level Priest: 379 Item Level DeathKnight : 372 Item Level
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.