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Level 72 Shadow Knight Ogre Male on TribunalMiddleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'EverQuest Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EQ, 9/29/13.

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  1. EQ

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    AA Points: 90
    Veteran AA Points:
    Describe Veteran Rewards:
    LDON Points:
    Tradeskills: Smithing 166, Fishing 121
    Flag/Key List: Plane of Valor - Aerin`Dar has been slain. Plane of Valor - Access to Halls of Honor gainedPlane of Storms - Bastion of Thunder access gained Plane of Storms - You have given Askr the Lost proof of your power Halls of Honor - First Trial Completed Halls of Honor- Second Trial Completed Halls of Honor- Third Trial Completed Plane of Disease - Grummus Slain Crypt of Decay - Access to Crypt of Bertoxxulous gainedPlane of Tranquility - Received quest to kill Bertoxxulous Crypt of Decay - Defeated Bertoxxulous Plane of Tranquility - Spoke to Milyk in Plane of Tranquility after slaying Bertoxxulous Plane of Tranquility - Spoke to Adhora about helping Thelin Plane of Nightmare - Thelin`s Dagger has been reconstructed Plane of Nightmare - Terris Thule has been slain. Thelin has been released from her visions. Plane of Nightmare - Spoke to Thelin after slaying Terris Thule Plane of Tranquility - Spoke to Fahlia about entering the Plane of Torment Plane of Torment - Keeper of Agony slain. Tylis has been removed from his agony. Plane of Torment - Saryrn has been slain Plane of Justice - Agreed to assist Mavuin with proving his innocence Plane of Justice - Completed one of the Trials in the Plane of Justice. Mavuin has not yet been informed of the good news. Plane of Justice - Completed one of the Trials in the Plane of Justice. Mavuin has been informed of the good news. Planes of Power - Received Mithaniel
    Epic: None
    Do You Have Magelo or EQ Player Profile: Yes
    Magelo or EQPlayer Profile Link: eqplayers.station.sony/character_profile.vm?characterId=597000582132
    Best Way To Sum Main Jobs Equipment: 5 - Uber Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Describe All Characters Equipment:
    Characters Server: Tribunal
    Characters Level: 72
    Characters Class: Shadow Knight
    Describe One Characters Equipment: eqplayers.station.sony/character_profile.vm?characterId=597000582132 Ancient dragorn signet, hate- cursed helm, mask of the void, farwalkers hoop, magnetic breastplate, clasp of the fledgling scrykin, stitched fleas coat, armguards of repentance, sunderspring belt, enduring bracer of flame, deep dive pauldrons, Rayin's bracer of Abhorrence, corroded infantry boots, hewn plate greaves, murimite plate gloves of war, intricate wooden figurine, ring od dark mists, ring of caputured steam, arcance scroll of suncrest, reinforced Kromrif buckler, morguecaller
    Characters Server: Tribunal
    Characters Level: 55
    Characters Class: Enchanter
    Describe One Characters Equipment: eqplayers.station.sony/character_profile.vm?characterId=597000582130 murkglider fang earring, ice silk cap, incandescent mask, earring of oppression, iron amulet of unseen horrors, expert crafted cloak of the arcane, golden mantle of control, discordant silk wristguards, woven kelp sandals, murky energeian ice orb, ornate barding, beginner magic manual, diamond kromrif citizen's ring, azure amulet, white silk gloves, shimmering band, book of impracticality, freshman jeweler trophy, silk pants of lunacy, swirling silk bracer, garish sash, intricate moonsilver sleeves, black ceremonial robe
    Characters Server: Antonius Bayle
    Characters Level: 52
    Characters Class: Enchanter
    Describe One Characters Equipment: eqplayers.station.sony/character_profile.vm?characterId=429496831528 obsidian bead hoop, runed cowl, mask of the spellbound, griffon down cloak, obsidian bead hoop, insidious manacle, embroidered black cape, ring of frost, sarnack ceremonial dagger, crude stein, rose platinum engagement ring, blood weave gloves, rod of insidious glamour, drake-hide leggings, bracelet of woven grass, fine azure silken sash, insidious robe
    How Many Alts over Level 50?:
    Alternate Character Server: Tribunal
    Alternate Character Level: 55
    Alternate Character Class: Enchanter
    Alternate Character Server: Antonius Bayle
    Alternate Character Level: 52
    Alternate Character Class: Enchanter
    Characters Transferrable?: Yes
    Expansions: Base game, Depths of Darkhollow, Dragons of Norrath, Gates of Discord, Legacy of Ykesha, Lost Dungeons of Norrath, Omes of War, Planes of Power, Prophecy of Ro, Ruins of Kunark, Scars of Velious, Secrets of Faydwer, Seeds of Destruction Veteran status, Shadows of Luclin, The Buried Sea, The Serpents Spine

    Additional Information

    Total Platinum
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