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Sold Level 70 Male Wood Elf Templar on Permafrost -...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'EverQuest 2 Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EQ2 Accounts - Buy and Sell, 5/11/13.

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    Level 70 Male Wood Elf Templar on Permafrost - Good breakdown: Two Level 55's or Higher Alts: 68 ratonga necromancer with mastercrafted and dropped gear..a few masters 55 barbarian berserker with mastercrafted and 7 end game masters Equipment: mos Total Platinum Level 70 Male Dwarve Monk on Butcherblock - Good breakdown: Two Level 60's or Higher Alts: Equipment: T7 uber eq HEquipment: Tradeskills: Houses: Expansions: Total Platinum Level 50 Male Froglok Berserker on Nektulos - Good Equipment: eq2players.station.sony/characters/character_profile.vm?characterId=383187107 HEquipment: Tradeskills: lvl 13 craftsman Houses: 3 Expansions Lots of Time and fabled gear and books equiped on all my toons, alts of 48 dirge, 21 wizard, and a skilled jewler Total Platinum Level 21 Male Kerran Berserker on Butcherblock - Good Equipment: HEquipment: Tradeskills: Houses: Expansions: -- Latest Expansions Enabled -- Total Platinum Level 28 Male Kerran Dirge on Nagafen - Good Equipment: Pristine imbued steel crescent axes HEquipment: Dwarven Work Boots Tradeskills: 20 Weaponsmith Houses: Inn Room Expansions: -- Latest Expansion Total Platinum Level 27 Male Human Conjurer on Nagafen - Good Equipment: Lowbie 27 Equipment (Normal Starting Sort of Rares) HEquipment: Lowbie Starting Stuff Tradeskills: Low Clothing Houses: 1 Apartment Expansions: I just cannot afford to play this game, I am an honest seller. If you can find use to this account, it would be nice for someone to purchase that plans to start anew on this pvp server. Character has some Master spells... Total Platinum GameTagcom - Buy, Trade and Sell EQ2 Accounts and Characters Buy EQ2 Accounts Trade EQ2 Accounts Sell EQ2 Accounts
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