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Sold Level 70 Male Gnomes Wizard on Guk - Good...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'EverQuest 2 Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EQ2 Accounts - Buy and Sell, 5/2/13.

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    Level 70 Male Gnomes Wizard on Guk - Good Equipment:Hat of the hook luh And many other fabled gear HEquipment:Hat, robe and earrings Tradeskills:provisioner Houses:A luxury apartment, with a dragon and a mini spire replica Expansions:-- Latest Expansions Enabled -- a 65 necromancer fabled gear both chars have all masters or Adept 3's the account is a collectors edition It was made on day one!!! and is a vet account house is full to the brim!!! Total Platinum Level 67 Male Wood Elf Swashbuckler on Kithicor - Good Equipment: T7 and T6 5 masters and all adeps 3's Tradeskills: lvl 10 outfitter Houses: 1 regular house Expansions: all expansoins over 55 hundred hp Total Platinum Level 33 Male Gnomes Necromancer on Kithicor - Evil Equipment: good for his lvl Tradeskills: Cant remember (craftmans lvl 18'ish??) Houses: Non Expansions: All On this account also comes EQ, with 9 out of 11 expansions, was goign to be used as a boxed account but decided to move on, it has a mid ranged lvl 30 warrior uber twinked, with about 150 plat betwen various other chars lvlv 20-30 all twinked, Asking for Total Platinum Level 62 Male Kerran Troubador on Kithicor - Good Equipment: lots of t-6 fabeled Tradeskills: Houses: Expansions: all of them Total Platinum Level 30 Male Gnomes Fury on Befallen - Good Equipment: Tradeskills: Houses: 1bedroom Expansions: ALL EXPANSIONS Droppable equipement that values up to 50plat Total Platinum Level 20 Male Half Elf Warlock on Permafrost - Good Equipment: Random Gear - # 7 Day Vet Reward, 1 Day Vet Reward, EQ2 Consumable Item: Heritage, EQ2 Consumable Item: Paintings of EQII, Tradeskills: Houses: Starting Expansions
Thread Status:
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