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Level 30 on North America ServerMiddleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by LoL, 9/28/13.

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  1. LoL

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    Total Influence Points: 359
    Total Runes: 40
    Total Skins: 6
    All Champions (List): Ahri, Alistar, Darius, Kayle, Lee Sin, Malphite, Nautilus, Nunu, Olaf, Ryze, Sion, Taric, Tristana, Yorick.
    All Runes (List): Marks: 1.7 Armor Pen (x7) 0.95 Magic Pen (x1) 0.91 Armor (x9) 0.95 Physical Dmg (x9) Seals: 1.4 Armor (x9) Glyphs: 2.7 Magic Resists at level 18 (x9) Quintessences: 1.0 Gold per 10 (x3) 4.3 Armor (x1) 2.0% EXP Bonus (x1)
    All Skins (List): Unchained Alistar, Judgement Kayle (S1 Skin!), Traditional Lee Sin, Forsaken Olaf, Dark Crystal Ryze, Bloodstone Taric.
    Account Creation Date:

    Additional Information
    Will NOT take anything less than 90 USD. Having paid more than that.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.