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Level 30 on Europe ServerMiddleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by LoL, 9/28/13.

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  1. LoL

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    Elo Rating: 2000
    Total Influence Points: 10000
    Total Runes: 160
    Total Skins: 40
    All Champions (List): ahri,akali,alistar,amumu,anivia,annie,ashe,blitzcrank,brand,caitlyn,cassiopea,cho gath,corki,darius,diana ,dr.mundo,draven,evelynn,ezreal,fiddlestick,fiora,fizz ,gankplank,garen,gragas,graves,hecarim,heimerdinger,irelia,jana,JARVAN IV,jax,karthus,kassadin,katarina,kayle,kennen,leblanc,lee sin,lulu,lux,malphite,malzhar,maokai,master yi,miss fortune,mordekaiser,morgana,nasus,nautilus,nidalee,nocturne,nunu,olaf,orianna,pantheon,poppy,rammus,renekton,riven,rumble,soraka,talon,ryze,shaco,shyvana,singed,sion,sivir,skarner,sona,taric,temmo,thresh,tristana,trundle,tryndamere,twisted fate,twitch,udyr,vAYNE,veigar,vladimir,warwick,wukong,xerath,xin zhao,zilean,zyra.
    All Runes (List): 0.91armor x9,1.3armor pen x9,0.95physical dmg x2, 0.87magic pen x9,, 1.3magic re at lvl 18 x1, 0.59 ap x9, 0.43physical dmg x9, 0.76attack speed x9, 0.41 maana regen/5 x9 , 1.9AP at lvl 18 x9, 0.57physical dmg at lvl 18 x1, 1.2ap x9 , 0.70 armor x10, 0.28 physical dmg x9, 0.64 % attack speed x9, -0.65% coldown x9, 3.1 ap at lvl 18 x9, 2.4 armor x3, 1.1 magic pen x1 ,, 5.0 ap x3 , 3.4% attack speed x3, 1.0 gold per 10 sec x3, +-5.00% time dead x 1 , 2.0% spellvamp bonus x1.
    All Skins (List): Midnight ahri,golden alistar,Unchained alistar,pharaoh amumu,emumu amumu,anivia bird pray,forst fire annie,piltover customer blitzcrank,crycore brand,siren cassiopea,ufo corki,frosted ezreal,pulsfire ezreal,Esq gragas,hired gun graves,frostblade irelia,frost queen janna,jaximus jax,deep one kassadin,judgment kayle,sorceress lux,shawdow prince malzhar,totemic maokai,watereloo miss fortune,void nocturne,glacial olaf,persues pantheon,bilgerat rumble,royal shaco,hextech sion,riot girl tristana,buccaner tristana,vandal twitch,leprechaun veigar,battlecast xerath,viscero xin zhao.
    Account Creation Date: 2009

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