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Selling Level 30 Account (Hasn't Played Ranked Yet)...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Robert Lu, 7/19/13.

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  1. Robert Lu
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    Level 30 Account (Hasn't Played Ranked Yet) started in Season one Ahri- Midnight, Foxfire Anivia- No skins Annie- Panda Annie Ashe-No Skins Diana- Dark Valkyrie Janna-Tempest ,Frost Queen Kayle- Judgement Kayle Kennen- Kennen MD Leona- Valkyrie Leona Lissandra- Blood Stone Lissandra Lux- Sorcerer, Spell Theif, Imperial, Steel Legion Morganna- No skins Nunu- No skins Sivir- No Skins Sona- Gu Qin Syndra- Justicar Twisted Fate- Jack Of hearts Udyr- Black Belt Udyr Vayne- Aristocrat, Heart seeker Vladimir- No Skins Wukong- General
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.