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Level 220 Female Nano Technician on Atlantean - RK1Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'Anarchy Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Anarchy, 9/30/13.

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  1. Anarchy

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    Tradeskills: 2000 comp lit , 1200 (buffable to 1500) nano programming, 1000 tutoring
    Nanos: All of the best and newest ones
    Tokens: 2500
    Main Characters Equipment: 6 - Best Gear In Game, Cant Get Better
    Describe All Characters Equipment:
    Please List All Gear And Character: Nano Technician Level: 220 AI level: 30 LE level: 65 (not LE 70 because already has the best research lines done, doesn't need any more) Full QL 300 Symbiants (intelligent extermination) Best endgame PvP gear (cannot improve any more) This includes Nanos, Alien Armor, NCU, HUD and Utility items. NEW BOOSTER PACK, Has all the new Xan special belts, new Xan token board, new Xan Symbiants waiting to be implanted. Has all the rare buffing items to help re-equip QL 300 Xan Symbiants. Has all the important Pandemonium/Beast Loot (buffing items, special NCUs, full beast armor) IP points are perfectly spent, with over 800k ip points left to spend on whatever you wish) Best Perk Setup for PVP Feared PVPer, Has Positive Duel Record and over 1400 kills. Ready for instant PVP
    Please List All Gear And Character: Agent Level: 220 AI level: 22 LE level: 65 Has the best weapons, best non-alien armor, best NCU, Hud Items. QL 240-270 Symbiants Has beast armor shoulders, and back armor (burden of competance, most coveted piece of armor in game that can take some people years to get)
    Please List All Gear And Character: Doctor Level: 150 twink AI level: 17 LE level: 42 Has Notum Imbued Gaily Painted Hood (best doc twink head armor) Has ql 225 Combined SharpShooter's Armor (alien armor) Has QL 300 Doctor's Left Hand of Grace pistol equipped and ql 199 Kyr'Orzch Pistol type 4 equiped (dual wield) Has QL 250 pistol implants and highest level locked Symbiants Equipped. Has the best nanos and special 'improved' doctor nanos. Has Doctor's right hand of hope pistol incase new owner wants to level to 220 and have the best endgame doctor weapons.
    How many alts over Level 100:
    Alternate Character Server: Atlantean - RK1
    Alternate Character Level: 220
    Alternate Character Profession: Agent
    Alternate Character Server: Atlantean - RK1
    Alternate Character Level: 150
    Alternate Character Profession: Doctor

    Additional Information
    My NT is in one of the best power organizations. So is my doctor and agent. My characters are on the winning faction on the server and have access to the best loot in the game because of it. My Agent has 'experienced' legacy pvp title and NT has Positive Duel Record and over 1400 kills
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.