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Selling League of Legends EU Nordic & East account for...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Ivan Ivanov, 6/24/13.

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  1. Ivan Ivanov
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    League of Legends EU Nordic & East account for sale Champions : 49 total Akali,Alistar,Amumu,Anivia,Annie,Ashe,Corki,Darius,Dr. Mundo,Evelynn,Ezreal,Fiora,Fizz,Gangplank,Garen,Janna,Jarvan IV,Jax,Karthus,Katarina,Kayle,Lee Sin,Lux,Master Yi, Morgana,Nasus,Nidalee,Nocturne,Nunu,Pantheon,Poppy,Renekton,Riven,Ryze,Shen,Shyvana,Sion,Sivir,Soraka,Swain,Syndra,Taric,Tristana,Tryndamere,Twisted Fate,Vladimir,Warwick,Wukong,Xin Zhao Skins : Silverfang Akali,Unchained Alistar,Frosted Ezreal,Victorious Janna(no longer available),Sandstorm Katarina,Galactic Renekton,Bloodfury Renekton,Redeemed Riven,Boneclaw Shyvana,Riot Girl Tristana Runepages/Runes : 2 Rune Pages total Marks : 9x 0.95 Physical Dmg; 9x 0.87 Magic Pen; 9x 1.9 Ability Power Seals : 9x 1.4 Armor; 9x 1.9 Ability Power; Glyphs : 9x 3.1 Ability Power at level 18; 9x 2.7 Magic Resist at level 18; 9x 0.99 Mana Regen/5 at level 18 Quintessences : 3x 5 Ability Power; 3x 2.3 Physical Dmg Other Features : Gold II in season 2 (Victorious Janna + summoner icon + gold lining at loading screen) Riven Icon (no longer available) Green Icon (Obtained via donation) 2665 IP 343 RP Current Division: Silver 1 Can easily be boosted to a division of your choosing for extra pay.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.