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Selling League of legends Bronze 1 Account with 94 champs...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Johnny Joakson, 8/19/13.

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  1. Johnny Joakson
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    League of legends Bronze 1 Account with 94 champs and 48 skins Unchained Alistar Pharaoh AmuAmu Safari Caityln Toxic Mundo Mr. Mundoverse Soul Reaver Draven Masquerade Eveylnn Nottingham Ezreal PulseFire Ezreal Fisherman Fizz Toy Soldier Gangplank Mafia Graves Angler Jax Slay Belle Katarina Traditional Lee sin Dragon Fist Lee sin Valkyrie Leona Samurai Yi Headhunter Yi Waterloo Miss fourtune Mafia Miss fourtune Leopard Nidalee French Maid Nidalee Pharaoh Nidalee Eternal Nocturne Brolaf Seven Choas Orianna Head Hunter rengar Battle Bunny Riven Masked Shaco Yellow Jacket Shen Bone Claw Shyvana Armor of the 5th Taric Emerald Taric Badger Teemo Riot girl Tristana Firefighter Tristana Traditional Trundle DemonBlade Tryndamere Jack of Hearts Twisted fate High noon Twisted Fate Primal Udyr Aristocrat vayne Heartseeker vayne Blood lord Vladmir Hyena Warwick Volcanic Wukong SNOW DAY ZIGGS
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.