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Selling INTERVIEW: Madison V. of DateCraft Published:...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'WoW - US Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by WoW Account and Character, 2/21/13.

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    INTERVIEW: Madison V. of DateCraft Published: April 26, 2010 Female gaming has certainly gone a long way and nowadays, it’s totally normal to see geeky girls immersed in a long-standing male-dominated arena. But as a female gamer myself, I believe that’s about to change. Maybe not soon, but definitely sooner than you think. I recently had the chance to interview fellow gamer girl Madison, who is also the forum moderator of an online video game dating site called DateCraft, by phone. Throughout the 10-minute discussion, we covered games, geeks and guys―all in between laughs. Read below for the transcript: Teresa: Hello Madison. First off, thank you for agreeing to this interview. How are you? Madison: Oh it’s no problem at all. This was unexpected so thank you for contacting me. Well, right now I just got off work, I’ll pick up a few things from the grocery, finish paperwork, squeeze in some game time, make dinner and then after that, I’ll log on to DateCraft and check up on the site. Teresa: Seems like you have a lot going on. Is it a challenge to manage and moderate a site like DateCraft? Madison: On some days when I’m preoccupied with stuff IRL, it can be a challenge. But it’s seriously fun, so at times it doesn’t really feel like one. Teresa: Any other online dating sites you’ve tried, like match.com? Madison: Yes, I did in fact try match.com. But that was a long time ago. I ended up deleting my profile. Teresa: Too many stalkers? Madison: [laughs] No. I just never really got around to completing my profile, got lazy and then got bored. Teresa: Do you always go for the geeky, gamer type of guys? Madison: Oh you mean like scrawny, with glasses, squeaky voice…Well, If you’re talking about the stereotype, I haven’t actually dated guys like that. They can be cute, though. But in terms of gamer, well, all my exes are in one way or the other. But some of them are jocks so that doesn’t exactly fit the geeky description. Teresa: What makes you proud to be a...
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