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iliketotrade is a fukkin scammer scammed for 50 chanter he had so much repMiddleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'Aion Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Aion Accounts, 9/27/13.

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    elephants4400 (4:41:54 AM): hey elephants4400 (4:41:55 AM): im interested in ur chanter ogfolks7474@ (4:41:59 AM): sup ogfolks7474@ (4:42:00 AM): cool elephants4400 (4:42:08 AM): i have a lvl 50 sorc and a 41 SM elephants4400 (4:42:13 AM): same account, Elyos ogfolks7474@ (4:42:16 AM): link plz elephants4400 (4:42:27 AM): names are forgetful and forgetfull elephants4400 (4:42:33 AM): im not on a good pc right now ogfolks7474@ (4:42:49 AM): well when u get a link let me know elephants4400 (4:43:22 AM): ugh mk, well in the meantime im TWV and have +rep so i can give ya some positives elephants4400 (4:44:15 AM): ://na.aiononline/livestatus/...amp;serverID=4 ogfolks7474@ (4:44:21 AM): how much kinah does it have an dwhats the gear look like? elephants4400 (4:44:38 AM): ://na.aiononline/livestatus/...amp;serverID=4 elephants4400 (4:44:45 AM): about 50mil in sellable items ogfolks7474@ (4:45:04 AM): how much on hand? elephants4400 (4:45:12 AM): not too much about 2mil elephants4400 (4:45:20 AM): but u dont need the itmes that are sellable elephants4400 (4:45:24 AM): items* elephants4400 (4:46:00 AM): Potions, herbs ect, the prices are steadily rising, so I bought a bunch to sell when i can get about double ogfolks7474@ (4:46:22 AM): you have rep? elephants4400 (4:46:27 AM): yes elephants4400 (4:46:29 AM): and trustwho ogfolks7474@ (4:46:36 AM): link plz elephants4400 (4:46:42 AM): to what? ogfolks7474@ (4:46:46 AM): rep elephants4400 (4:46:54 AM): check ur thread ogfolks7474@ (4:47:02 AM): k ogfolks7474@ (4:47:43 AM): do you have a rep page? elephants4400 (4:47:46 AM): yes ogfolks7474@ (4:47:54 AM): link elephants4400 (4:48:12 AM): ://spamsite/forums/ubbth...rep#Post3112383 elephants4400 (4:48:32 AM): as u notice most everyone that has repped me, is repped as well ogfolks7474@ (4:48:59 AM): ok sounds good elephants4400 (4:49:24 AM): cool, do u have all the cd keys and all that ogfolks7474@ (4:49:36 AM): nope dont have cds keys ogfolks7474@ (4:49:48 AM): hav ethe rest of the info though ogfolks7474@ (4:50:00 AM): didnt knwo you need cd keys o_O elephants4400 (4:50:15 AM): well, its for recovery elephants4400 (4:50:23 AM): its ok dont worry about em i guess ogfolks7474@ (4:50:41 AM): k elephants4400 (4:50:59 AM): mk, im gonna suggest that u go first since ur fairly unrepped ogfolks7474@ (4:51:55 AM): i have rep but a scammer who is posted on the scammer forums took my warlock and hit my rep thred with a "hes a scammer" post elephants4400 (4:52:07 AM): meh ogfolks7474@ (4:52:13 AM): ill link elephants4400 (4:52:21 AM): no TWV is my main thing though elephants4400 (4:52:25 AM): i believe you ogfolks7474@ (4:52:31 AM): whats twv anyway? elephants4400 (4:52:52 AM): its a thing that proves your not a scammer. spamsite has all my info and all that stuff elephants4400 (4:53:00 AM): like where i live elephants4400 (4:53:06 AM): phone number and all ogfolks7474@ (4:53:20 AM): hmmm ogfolks7474@ (4:53:28 AM): why are you trade'n the sorc? elephants4400 (4:53:30 AM): they do like a 3 day verification process elephants4400 (4:53:47 AM): i wanna stop dealing damage, i wanna try buffs and stuff ogfolks7474@ (4:53:59 AM): seems fair ogfolks7474@ (4:54:15 AM): ok where do we start? elephants4400 (4:54:33 AM): i just need master account and pass, ill go in change it all and then do the same for u ogfolks7474@ (4:54:52 AM): *accoutn info was here* plz do not sacm me elephants4400 (4:54:53 AM): then its basically done elephants4400 (4:55:10 AM): nah man ur good, just never trade aion with a non TWV member unless u go first ogfolks7474@ (4:55:21 AM): ok elephants4400 (4:55:59 AM): not workin man ogfolks7474@ (4:56:15 AM): i jus logged out of the game lol ogfolks7474@ (4:56:19 AM): let me see elephants4400 (4:56:20 AM): haha elephants4400 (4:56:21 AM): got it elephants4400 (4:56:24 AM): srry elephants4400 (4:56:31 AM): spelled it wrong ogfolks7474@ (4:56:42 AM): ya i jus logged righ tin ogfolks7474@ (4:58:06 AM): if u scam me i will get this accoutn back and any kinah or items missing will be reported to a gm and returned to me and the recieving account will be banned elephants4400 (4:58:23 AM): dont worry man lol ogfolks7474@ (5:02:42 AM): may i have info now plz i'm getting worried >< ogfolks7474@ (5:03:10 AM): i'm friggin shake'n in my boots over here ogfolks7474@ (5:04:54 AM): hello? XD ogfolks7474@ (5:05:26 AM): you there ogfolks7474@ (5:05:28 AM): ? elephants4400 (5:05:46 AM): Yeah elephants4400 (5:05:50 AM): was [censored] elephants4400 (5:06:01 AM): mk i just gotta change the email and im done ogfolks7474@ (5:06:05 AM): plz hurry i'm very worried ogfolks7474@ (5:06:16 AM): gona have a panic attack elephants4400 (5:06:23 AM): dont ogfolks7474@ (5:07:16 AM): i gav up my hole life to getthat chanter to 50 only took me 2 months of solid grinding and questing playing 8-12hr a day ogfolks7474@ (5:10:26 AM): can i plz have info now? ogfolks7474@ (5:12:28 AM): o_O ogfolks7474@ (5:12:49 AM): iwent 1st bro i think that proves i'm no scammer and that i jus want a fair trade ogfolks7474@ (5:12:54 AM): plz make me wait no longer
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