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Selling Hello selling my lol account on the new oceanic...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by David Zhu, 7/20/13.

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  1. David Zhu
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    Hello selling my lol account on the new oceanic server, was gold 5 in na, but after changing it automaticly put me to silver 2 dunno for wat reason maybe mmr. anyway the account has 2838rp ( meaning u have enough rp in it if u want to do a server transfer) and 30928 ip. The account has many limited summoner icon, ALL the champions and 16 rune pages which fullfill all ur needs, and 90 skins many u cant buy anymore I will list the stuff here: Rune : marks: +0.91 armor x 9, +1.3 armor pen x 9, +0.95 physical dmg x 9, +0.93% crit chance x 9, +0.9 armor pen 0.61 magic pen x9, 0.87 magic pen x9, 0.26 magic regen/5 x9, +2.4 physical dmg at lvel 18 x9 +1.3 magic resist at level 18 x9, +1.7% att spd x9 seal: +1.41 armor x9 +0.43 physical dmg x9 +0.25 gold per 10 x9, +0.41 mana regen/5 x5, +1.9 ability power at level 18 x9, +19health at level 18 x9, +21mana at level 18 x9, +1.2 manaregen/5 at level 18 x9 glyphs: +1.2 ability power x9, +0.28 physical dmg x9, -0.83% cd x9, +0.28 crit chance x1, +0.63 magic pen x9, +1.3 magic resist x9, +0.31 mana regen/5 x9, +3.1 ability power at level 18 x9, +2.7 magic resist at level 18 x9, +26 mana at level 18 x9, +0.64% att spd x9 Quintessences: +9.0 ability power x3, +4.3 armor x 3, +2.6 armor pen x3, +2.3 physical dmg x3, +3.4% att speed x3, +1.9% crit chance x3, +1.0 gold per 10 x3, +2.7 health regen/5 x3, +2.0 magic pen x3, +1.5% move speed x3, -5% time dead x1, +7.8 ability power at level 18 x3, +6.7 magic resist at level 18 x3, +75 mana at level 18x3, +2% spellvamp x3,+2% life steal x 3 skins In alphabetical order : dynasty ahri, matador alistar, emumu, goth annie, amethyst ashe, boom boom blitzcrank, safari caitlyn, siren cassiopeia, loch ness chogath, dark valkyrie diana, soul reaver draven, death blossom elise, nottingham ezreal, frosted ezreal, fiddle me timber, nightraven fiora, atlantean fizz, enchanted galio, spooky gangplank, desert trooper garen, gragas esq, hired gun graves, blood knight hecarim, nightblade irelia, aviator irelia, hectech janna, dragon slayer j4, angler jax, debonair jayce, phantom karthus, prevoid kassadin, mercenary katarina, virdian kayle, arctic ops kennen, sonoran kogmaw, monarch kogmaw, dragon fist lee sin, iron solari leona, bittersweer lulu, steel legion lux, shamrock malphite, glacial malphite, overlord malzahar, totemic maokai, dragon knight mordekaiser, subterranean nautilus, leopard nidalee, french maid nidalee, pharoah nidalee, headhunter nidalee, void nocturne, eternum nocturne, sasquatch nunu, demolisher nunu, forsaken olaf, sewn chaos orianna, tpa orianna, full metal pantheon, galatic renekton, headhunter rengar, dark cystal ryze, frozen shen, yellow jacket shen, blood moon shen, dark flame shyvana, warmonger sion, earthrune skarner, dryad soraka, celestine soraka, justicar syndra, crisom elite talon, bloodstone taric, cottontail teemo, panda teemo, buccaneer tristana, kingpin twtich, gangster twtich, battlecast urgot, aristocrat vayne, leprechaun veigar, blood lord vladmir, feral warwick, firefang warwick, general wukong, scorth earth xerath, warrior kingdom xin zhao, undertaker yorick, mad scientist ziggs, pool party ziggs, time machine zilean. Im selling the account for 650 dollars. add my on skype david.zhu44 if interested.
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