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Selling Hello! Selling account for 350$ This League of...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Ty Goodman, 7/27/13.

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  1. Ty Goodman
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    Hello! Selling account for 350$ This League of Legends Account comes complete with every single champion in the game, Six rune pages with Professional gaming recommended runes, multiple rare summoner icons, 2083 rp, 8427 ip, and tons of skins! There is enough Riot Points to change to summoner name, and enough ip to buy the next champion when he comes out! Skins include: Legendary Skins- -Lion Dance Kog'Maw Unavailable Skins (Rare!)- -TPA Bundle includes: -TPA Mundo -TPA Orianna -TPA Shen -TPA Ezreal -TPA Nunu -Unchained Alistar -Masquerade Evelynn -Dark Candy Fiddlesticks -Traditional Karma -Phantom Karthus -Judgement Kayle -Sonoran Kog'Maw -Vizier Malzahar -Dragon Knight Mordekaiser -Frozen Shen -Emerald Taric -Riot Girl Tristana -Traditional Trundle -Highland Tryndamere -Bad Santa Veigar Normal Skins- -Justicar Aatrox -Blood Moon Akali -Golden Alistar -Almost-Prom King Amumu -Amethyst Ashe -Sherwood Forest Ashe -Boom Boom Blitzcrank -Resistance Caitlyn -Mythic Cassiopia -Jurassic Cho'Gath -Hot Rod Corki -Executioner Mundo -Frosted Ezreal -Tundra Fizz -Hextech Galio -Minuteman Gangplank -Dreadknight Garen -Hillbilly Gragas -Hired Gun Graves -Mafia Graves -Frostblade Irelia -Tempest Janna -Commando Jarvin IV -Temple Jax -Debonair Jayce -High Command Katarina -Arctic Ops Kennen -Mecha Kha'Zix -Traditional Lee Sin -Valkyrie Leona -Imperial Lux -Glacial Malphite -Marble Malphite -Assassin Master Yi -Chosen Master Yi -Cowgirl Miss Fortune -Ghost Bride Morgana -AstroNautilus -Headhunter Nidalee -Void Nocturne -Forsaken Olaf -Myrmidon Pantheon -Glaive Warrior Pantheon -Pheonix Quinn -Full Metal Rammus -Rune Wars Renekton -Redeemed Riven -Bilgerat Rumble -Uncle Ryze -Royal Shaco -DarkFlame Shyvana -Surfer Singed -Warmonger Sion -Tyrant Swain -Crimson Elite Talon -Super Teemo -Rocket Girl Tristana -Musketeer Twisted Fate -Gangster Twitch -Black Belt Udyr -Arclight Varus -Blight Crystal Varus -Aristocrat Vayne -Count Vladimir -Tundra Hunter Warwick -General Wukong -Imperial Xin Zhao -Shockblade Zed That's a total of 88 Skins!!! This is a great deal, the account and summoner name is DigitalKhaos although you can change the summoner name with the rp in the account. This account is ranked Silver 1, leaving room for someone to climb the ELO ladder! Thanks for your time!
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