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Selling Hello sell EUEN acc GOLD II 114 champions (i...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Marley Fourtwenty, 7/11/13.

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  1. Marley Fourtwenty
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    Hello sell EUEN acc GOLD II 114 champions (i havent aatrox only) 1000+wins 12 rune pages with all runes SKINS:Dynasti ahri,Sad Robot Amumu,Noxus hunter anivia,frosted brand,artic caitlyn,sheriff caitlyn, Mythic cassiopeia,Void cho gath,Corporate Dr.Mundo,Frosted ezreal,Octoberfest gragas,Warring kingdoms jarvan,grim reaper karthus mercenery katarina,judgment kayle(season 1 prize),karate kennen,artic kennen,traditional lee sin,dragon fist lee sin,Pentakill mordekaiser Pharaoh nasus,Riot Nasus,Subterrenian nautilus,leopard nidalee,Frosted nocturne,Glacial olaf,Brolaf,myrmidon pantheon,chrome rammus,galactic rene tribal ryze,royal shaco,warlod shen,hextech sion,sandscourge sion,renegade talon,super teemo tango twisted fate,kingpin twitch,heartseeker vayne,white mage veigar,artic volibear, tundra hunter warwick,sockblade zed,snow day ziggs and the free skin ths karma kai tou trundle
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.