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[GamezAion] WTS account..Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'Aion Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Aion Accounts, 9/27/13.

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    Hi there, im quiting gamezaion so i will sell it only with paypal(euro) these things i have (all are on 1 account) Im just showing char by char what items are on them. i will sell them all at once since they are on the same account or i will buy vip and give other accounts the sets/items of your desire. Sorc: -ABG cloth set +15 (full mres)(WDK remo) -Masta jewel fused with abg (10% fire dmg) (remo to sw) -MCD tome fused with abg (10% silence) (remo to sw) -abg access (magic) with headband and belt -WOC with conditioning -NHSDE Glasses -scrolls, pots -seeker title - crap in storage(sw parts, stones) Ranger: -ABG leather set +15 (attack/crit) (flash remo with veille shoulders) -ABG crit access with cirt belt -ABG hat -ABG bow fused with masta (10% silence) (veille remo) -seeker title -storage: some materials (crap) Assasin: -nothing on -storage: -SW plate set (clean) -2x sw chain set (clean) -masta plate set (+15 with attack/crit) -SW weapons: dagger (set), jewel(clean), 2xbow (clean), spear (clean), -MCD shield -2x masta swords (+15 ,2% paralyze both) - Masta spear +15 (blind 10%) - bow remo: deer head (something) - joyful festival costume remo to jerkin Cleric - ABG chain set +15 (no manastones)(no remo) - ABG shield +15 (no remo) - 2x NHDE ring - 2x NHDE earring - 1x NHDE necklace - SW staff +15 fused with another SW staff - storm wings -storage: -154 plat medals further nothing... Warrior: no gear on (you can use abg chain set of the cleric or abg acces of the ranger etc...) Chanter: no gear on (you can use abg chain set of the cleric or abg acces of the ranger etc...) i made some random screenshots to show you a bit how the chars look like, if you want some other specific screens u can pm me. pictures: These are allot of items and i only accept serious offers, no noobs please,, AND ONLY TO TRUSTABLE EPVP USERS leave ur offers here pls with what u want and for how much thx
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.