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Selling EverQuest Account for Sale 2 EQ Accounts ROF RAID...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'EverQuest Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EQ Accounts - Buy and Sell, 7/26/13.

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  1. EQ Accounts - Buy and Sell
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    EverQuest Account for Sale 2 EQ Accounts ROF RAID GEAR $1000 for both Done with EQ i don't have the time for it anymore sadly. 1st Account: 15 Days remaining Gold as of July 20, 2013 All Toons on Rathe Server (transferable) 100 Iksar Necromancer 4k AAs Tamer's Trinket t2,t3,t4 RoF group gear RoF raid non visibles 2.5 Epic Deathwhisper Accursed Grin of Malevolence (negative stat item that evolves to give some of the best gear in game) Can easily Solo t4 Nameds if played right Dragorn Mercs Veteran Rewards; lesson of the devoted, 2k loyalty tokens, Infusion of the Faithful, Chaotic Jester Flagged for most VoA raids and all RoF (except t4) 96 Barbarian Berserker 700 AAs RoF raid non visibles + Frosthewn Greathammer (raid) and T1 Raid Arms, Chest, Legs Werewolf Mercs 88 Enchanter not much to it. was work in progress 2nd Account: 57 Days of Gold remaining as of July 20, 2013 95 Wood Elf Ranger 3k AAs Raid bow (Frosthewn Short-bow), Raid 1h pierce (silence) Bow of the Destroyer (non raid/ 17 delay) Shadow Nekhon Illusion, and Siren Sorceress Illusion T1 RoF Group Gear, Fabled whip of earthcrafter (summons pets), Fabled Ball of Golem Clay (turns you into earth elemental improving Strength) Built for Headshotting mostly, groups good with Necro above. 92 Human Cleric 600 AAs Good box, everyone needs a cleric Was currently getting him to 95 to raid Has 1mil plat on him. T4 RoF gear banked for when he is big and strong. I'm Available to reach on Skype (Death.Scape) or over playerup just message me or comment on this, i check in daily. Toons cannot me Singled out, Wanting $1,000 for both. I'm firm on the price. will debate selling the accounts separately, haven't decided yet I only do Paypal.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.