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Selling Buying multiple game accounts!!!READ Buying 220s...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2 Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Guild Wars Accounts - Buy and Sell, 2/9/13.

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    Buying multiple game accounts!!!READ Buying 220s on Anarchy Online .Has to have some money and good gear. Buying PVP toons on EVE-online with high sp points.Has to have 300M+ or a T2 fitted Battleship ready for pvp and 50m. Buying 90's on SWG have to have good gear,money and Elder title(s). Buying 20's on GW have to have good gear and money. Budget:1000$ Il buy anything i can untill i waste my budget PM me here or on . :admin@rosudrag ISO GW prophecies account or key plenty to offer. Im in search of a GW prophecies cdkey or account, i have to offer. Steam accs 1st cs.s vac banned hl2 hl2 dm hl2 lc 2nd low 7 digit starts with 3 cs1.6 clean not vac banned day of defeat dm classic hl hl bs opposing force ricochet team fortress classic Have CoG account has DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE â„¢ & LOTRO both no gametime european servers Hellgate london account 1 low lvl char. FFXI totally unused including all xpansions and 30 days gametime free. Glider key no forum access. Doom3 online key. EQII account no gametime. if you are interested in any of the above contact me and we can work something out. silentndeadly@ WTS 3 GW account has 4 level 20's 2 has 2 level 20 1 is frs I want to sell 3 of my guild wars account 1 account already has 4 level 20 Hunter, warrior, monk and necromancer 1 accoutn has 2 level 20 warrior and monk 1 account is fresh and still has no level 20's contact me at YM jeffrodriguez1981@ jeffrodriguez1981@ I can trade it for any WOW US account or if you want you can Buy it. price is negotiable WTT Two level 20 Acc WITH EXPANSIONS for WoW I have two seperate accounts, one has Nightfall and Prophecies, the other has Factions and Prophecies. On the Nightfall account there is a level 20 Paragon/Warrior. On the Factions account is a level 20 Ranger/Necromancer. Please PM me or contact my tokyorebel@ I am looking for a level 60+ hunter, rogue, or warrior, maybe a warlock with server transfer up....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.