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Sold Anuhart - Asmodians GOVERNOR Full Governor Set...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'Aion Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Bade Ezgi Aksu, 9/18/13.

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  1. Bade Ezgi Aksu
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    Anuhart - Asmodians GOVERNOR Full Governor Set geared Sorcerer (Female Asmodians Governor) NC Account: 120 NCoin Details 850.000.000 Kinah Weapons: +15 Kahrun Jewel +15 Varshanti Tome +15 lvl 60 Elite Archon Captain Tome lvl 65 Archon Governors Spellbook lvl 65 Archon Governors Orb Armors: Governor Full Set magic boots+27 (4 setpieces with 5 manastones other piece full) 2x lvl 60 Arena 2 conditions set (1 set full Magic Acc+14 / 1 set Full Magic Boots+27) Tiamat Set with full Magic Resist+14 Sunayaka Helm lvl 60 Primal Sprit Bandana lvl 60 Antros Bandana Tiamat Wing and 3 other epic Wings Accessories: lvl 60 Epic AP Necklace 2xlvl 60 Epic AP Rings 2xlvl 55 Epic AP Earrings lvl 55 Epic AP Belt Items: 12x L110 L59-L109 (each Grade has 7-8 stones) 120 Magic Resis+14 Manastones 103 Magic Accu+14 Manastones 80 Attack+5 Manastone and from the other Manastones each has 20-30 19 Yellow and Blue Godstones (1x Silence Godstone and 1x Para Godstone) around 800-1000 all scrolls and jippo Aether Jelly Misc: 29.900.000 Abbys Point All lvl 65 AP Stigmas bought 850 Million Kinah 120 million worth a House 17 Special Pets 4 has +20 extrabag or more 4 Mounts : Pagati, Cumulus, Tiamat Motor, Flufffus have all color (50 each) bought with Ncoin Ninja Set, Bikini Set, Angel Festival Set and 3 Ncoin Helm 8 extra Emotion (bought with Ncoin) 62000 crucible insignia, 2760 Courage Insignia 46 Platin Medall, 452 Mithril Medall 3540 Kahrun Coin, 237 Legioncoin, 158 Ceranium Coin Jobs: Expert Essenchtapping (408) Apprentice Aethertapping (273) Master Alchemie (500) Price: Just offert me Pm Me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.