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Selling 100 Raid Ranger TOP DPS, top 5 serverwide (no...Middleman Seller Guide

Discussion in 'EverQuest Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EverQuest Accounts - Buy and Sell, 8/8/13.

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    100 Raid Ranger TOP DPS, top 5 serverwide (no shields / buffers) 100 Raid Geared Ranger TOP DPS TONS OF EXTRAS Original owner One of the best rangers in game, completely dps geared with ac and hp augs in the bank if you wanna go that route. Has all the toys and clickies needed. Over 2,000 spent in LoN with tons of unclaimed items. If you need specifics let me know. Some of what he has- 3 Mercenaries unlocked Beta Rewards in bank look at magelo 14 Vet AA 11000+ AA 15k Station Cash 4 Kronos 1mil plat PVP Surname - Vokera'Slayer All dex augs equiped have full set of AC augs in bank T3 Bow/ Chest / Charm/ Shoulders Best quiver -Prescient Max tradeskills House of Thule and RoF trophies for tribute done Shawl 3.0 group version Lord Nagafen Click Lizardscale plated girdle click Cloth Cap - Summon drakelings click Circle of Power III Click Bridle of the Wrulon Guardian Invis vs undead click Vice Trap Click Helm of the Evil Eye Ornamentation - Reward from completing all RoF Conquest up to t2 Erilynne raid Ornamentation Holgresh Elder Beads Tolans Darkwood breastplate Stormeye Band Boots of shadow walking Gauntlets of Dark Embers Reapers Ring Fervid Gloves of the Warder Dog Whistle Bridle of the Bloodied sokokar Velious Snowball bow of the destroyer Windstriker RoF T2 2hander - Draining Ire of the glen liege with 16dmg aug Best 1hander and bow dmg augs with extras in bank Proc weapons with augs - Etheral destroyer, nebs warbone, Hammer of the Timeweaver, Fabled whip of the earthcaller Willsapper, Mace of the ancients, Shard of Eternal pain augs x2 - proc skellys with Sword of truth Heor'otor the stormswept waste - best heroic 1hander for using bow disc humanoid reductionizer - shrink click collections upto T2 Completed Illusion clicks- Aspect of the Bloodstone Dragorn war mask Mask of the grumpy goblin Bone mask of the ancient iksar Mask of Nurga Visage of the Dark Arachnids Guise of the Deceiver Efreeti Death Visage Mask of the lost guktan Polymorph Wand: Burning Nekhon Polymorph Wand: Steam Suit Polymorph Wand: Hadal Templar Amulet of Necropotence Mask of the Might Minotaur Gnomework Survival Suit Visage of the Daft Trickster Visage of the Screaming Banshee Essence of the Banshee Visage of the King Gelaqua Polymorph Wand: Plaguebringer At least 4 more in bank and multiples (5+) in LoN unclaimed lots of weapon ornamentations and potions etc. 6 24 slot bags 1 32 slot bag 5 20 slot bags Price: $1750
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